Hi I'm Fabian, I'm a Game and Level Designer.

Here are the games I worked on in a professional Game Studio

Play Store
Platform: Mobile
Genre: 2D Poop'em'Up 
Description: In Poopocalypse the player takes on the role of a fat pigeon seeking revenge on the human race by shitting all over their possessions. Shit your way through several nations and fight mighty bossbattles against monuments come to life!
This game was very dear to me because it was the first game I worked on in my time at Wolpertinger. I continued to work on it all throughout my time there. It was my initial challenge to port the already existing XBox Live game to the mobile platform. The game had a charm that we wanted to carry over to the new version but also spice it up with new features and gameplay. The first challenge was to make the controls work on a mobile device when the game was first envisioned with an XBox controller. We ended up with two sliders that the player uses to control the birds pitch and it’s pooping angle, which turned out to be quite intuitive to play. The game also now featured special pickups and a free-to-play monetization. The whole experience was changed to fit with a fast paced, fun game that is played in short sessions, often while doing the same as the bird.The leveldesign also changed drastically. It now featured more challenging, but more revarding side routes and animated levelchanges that the player has to react to. All in all Poopocalypse was a great game to begin my professional carreer with. I got the chance to make an already fun game into a great mobile title and I’m happy with the results. 
Play Store
Platform: Mobile
Genre: 2D Puzzle 
Description:  Take it Easy is a fun little puzzle game based on the board game by the same name from Ravensburger. Play against your friends or the computer and connect the lines for the most points. 
Take it Easy was a very interesting project since it involved mostly puzzle design on my part. The 
ame rules already existed and our publisher wanted to keep them as they were. Having to come up with 
nearly 100 puzzles was a great challenge for me. I had to think around the mechanics of the game and create interesting puzzles that were also increasing in difficulty. The challenge with all puzzle games is of course that not everyone is challenged the same way by puzzles. The game was a great experience to learn and grow my skills on and I’m happy it still persists to this day. 
Play Store
Platform: Mobile
Genre: Simulation 
Description:  SimVestor is a game where players trade stocks and papers in a fictional market and can learn in a playful way how it works in the real world. 
My Contribution: Character Dialogue

Unreleased Mobile Game

Platform: Mobile
Genre: Arcade Management
Description:  This game was developed with a big well known publisher from America known for it’s whide array of Arcade titles. It would have been a game where the player was the manager of his own arcade. The game would have featured many of the official arcade cabinets from the publisher. It was planned to include minigame versions of many of the arcade cabinets so that players could build their favorite arcades and then play on them too, in a scaled down way. 
I worked closely with my superior and the client to develop the game throughout it’s many itterations. I helped to come up with the games rules and mechanics. At first it was a more handson management Sim with many variables for the customers and the arcades. Through a lot of back and forth with the client we finally landed something that was mostly an idle game. The customers were only drones and it was mostly about building arcades, waiting and upgrading them. It was a bit of a dissapointment for me that the game got scrapped because I thought it had a lot of potential. 

Unreleased Serious Game

Platform: PC (VR)
Genre: Interactive Storytelling Experience
Description:  In this immersive VR game set in a dystopian future the player takes on the role of Alan, a refugee from earth seeking a new home on Mars. In the future, because of pollution, global warming and overpopulation, the earth has become a hellish place and the rich elite have established a colony on Mars. Alan manages to scrub together enough money to buy him and his family a place on an illegal spaceship to mars. The journey is long and dangerous and in a tragic accident the ship splits apart leaving Alan alone in a small part of the ship. Together with an A.I. he tries to reestablish contact with the remains of the ship and get back to them. The player has to complete puzzle like challenges where he repairs the ship and crafts tools from the remains of the ship. 
My Contribution: Game Design, Story,

Another Unreleased Serious Game

Platform: PC
Genre: Interactive Storytelling Experience
Description:  This serious game would tell the story of a journalist in a dystopian future (similar to George Orwells 1984). He works for the government but gets pulled back to his rebellious life where he worked with whistleblowers to uncover unjustices in the world. The player has to clear puzzle-like challenges where he has to use investigative journalism to uncover the governments machinations. Our hero Adam gets in too deep and his family get’s threatened and he wrestles with his morals about whether he should do the right thing or whether he should protect his family. 
This was a first attempt at a serious game for me. My job was to create gameplay around the story that we were creating. We worked with an outside writer on this project that drafted the story and I was excited to work together. The puzzles were very enjoyable to come up with since the restrictions of the setting gave them interesting boundries that I could play with. Another game that never saw the light of day, sadly since it could’ve been a great serious game experience.  

Unreleased Mobile Game

Platform: Mobile
Genre: Idle Clicker
Description:  This unreleased mobile idle clicker game set itself apart with it’s pixelartstyle and it’s bloody, goory humor. It featured an ensemble cast of mercenaries that the player would buy and control who would shoot endless waves of enemies in an omaha beach type scenario. 
This game was more of a sideproject. A way to make something we all had fun and enjoyed. It was interesting for me to find the best finetuning for the balancing. Going through the players first moments with the game is essential to keeping the player hooked so it had to be done right. The pacing of the rest of the game had to be good too so people wouldn’t be bored or frustrated. The game design was fun since it wasn’t the average idle clicker, it would’ve had bullet physics and reloading involved, which the game design had to be built around. In the end, being a sideproject, it got discontinued due to other bigger projects taking up more and more time. 

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