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Master of Disaster

Get a Master of Arts Degree from the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

"The circle is now complete.

When I left you, I was but the learner.

Now I am the master" - Darth Vader

You're an adult now...

Get a job at Wolpertinger Games

and keep it... for a while.

"When life gives you lemons, don't

make lemonade. Make life take

the lemons back! Get mad!"

- Cave Johnson

The student becomes the teacher!

Become Youthleader in Hap Ki Do and inspire the younglings.

"I raised you, and loved you, I've given you weapons, taught you techniques, endowed you with knowledge."

- The Boss

Through mud, blood and guts!

Finish Highschool and get your Abitur.

"You're not just a regular moron. You were DESIGNED to be a moron."


In East Germany born and Raised

Be born. That was the easy part. It's all down hill from here. 

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world."

- G-Man

Adventures in Higher Education!

Get a Bachelors Degree in Game Design from the Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation (MHMK)

"I am NOT! A MORON!"

- Wheatley

2015 - 2017

Pass the TOEFL Test and prove that you can speak English.

"What me look like? Some sort ape man? Ha that funny!"

- Jontron

What he says?
Elevating Elementary Adventures

Finish Elementary School.

"It was so easy, a cave man could do it"

- CR1tik4l

game jam.png

Participate in your first Game Jam (SemesterGameJam)

Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this... does put a smile on my face."

- Thanos

Welcome to the JAM!
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